Lesson: Ojibwe Clans

Ojibwe History and Culture Integrated with Multiplication and Division Game

Lesson: Ojibwe Clans

  • Go to the choices page by clicking the boxes icon in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Select the LIFE button from the main choice screen.

LIFE choices screen

  • Click on the box in the top left to watch a video on the marten clan. Answer the questions after the video. 
  • Next, select the box on the bottom left. Watch the video on the bear clan. Answer the questions.
  • Then, select the box on the middle of the top row. Watch the video on the fish clan. Answer the questions.
  • Go back to the wigwam and trade with the points you earned in this lesson.

BONUS- Learn more about Ojibwe clans. You can watch these videos on YouTube:

The Turtle Clan – https://youtu.be/zV0MEjs2zKM

The Deer Clan – https://youtu.be/oPhd4Tx5QlE

The Crane Clan – https://youtu.be/nCdyoagyk3k

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