Lesson and Video Resources: Clans of the Ojibwe People

Learn Ojibwe History and Culture with Making Camp Premium from 7 Generation Games

7 Generation Games Clan Lesson

  • Open your 7 Generation Games app, Making Camp. If you need a download, visit our site to purchase a download (1 user license) for $1.99.
  • Go to the Choices page by clicking the icon with the white boxes in the lower left of the screen.
  • Select the LIFE button from the main choice screen.

  • Click on the box in the top left to watch a video on the Marten Clan. Answer the questions after the video. 
  • Next, select the box on the bottom left. Watch the video on the Bear Clan. Answer the questions.
  • Then, select the box on the middle of the top row. Watch the video on the Fish clan. Answer the questions.
  • Return to your wigwam and trade in points you earned in this lesson for brand-new wigwam furnishings.

Ojibwe Education Resources

Ojibwe Clan System by Deanna StandingCloud
This handout by Deanna StandingCloud includes activities that can be adapted for Grades 3-5. It also includes a list of Ojibwe names of clans. Start with doodem, which means “clan” in Ojibwe.

The Mishomis Book by Edward Benton-Banai
This book is especially great for elementary school students who want to learn more about the wisdom and traditions that come from Ojibwe tribal Elders.

 7 Generation Games Clan Videos

You may peruse our free video resources on the Ojibwe tribe. See the following below: Social Structure, Bear Clan, Turtle Clan, Deer Clan, Crane Clan, Fish Clan, Marten Clan, and Totems. 

VIDEO: Social Structure

VIDEO: The Bear Clan

VIDEO: The Turtle Clan

VIDEO: The Deer Clan

VIDEO: The Crane Clan

VIDEO: The Fish Clan

VIDEO: The Marten Clan

VIDEO: Ojibwe Totems

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