Educators, take advantage of our statistics educational games, PPTX and PDF presentation downloads, and YouTube videos.

Games Teaching Statistics

AzTech: The Story Begins
The average number of students in Mr. Gonzalez’ classes has been going down. Where did they go? More importantly, will they be able to use their knowledge of math and history to make it back? Plays on the web and on iPad.

AzTech: Meet the Maya Mr. Gonzalez told you not to touch that book! Now, you’re in the Mayan jungle. Use your knowledge of statistics and history to survive. AzTech: Meet the Maya can be played in English or as a bilingual English/Spanish experience. 

Forgotten Trail – Follow two teenagers who apply their knowledge of fractions, decimals, measurement and statistics to retrace the Ojibwe migration through the U.S. and Canada.

PowerPoint Presentations on Statistics


This presentation answers how to use a pictograph to answer questions. As an example, what kind of transportation do students use to get to school?

Bar Graphs

How do you read a bar graph? An example using a problem from the game, AzTech: Meet the Maya.

“Hunting: The Mayan Way” uses bar graphs to solve statistics problems. This has a backdrop of Mayan history.

Central Tendency Measures


How can a confusion in the distribution of different trading items lead to angry villagers throwing a spear at you? Here is an example of distributions from AzTech: Meet the Maya.

Proportions and Statistics - Graphs

Reading Graph Lesson Plan – This activity is for Grades 6-7 and will introduce students to reading and comparing bar graphs with proportional relationships.

Census 2020 Lessons

Census 2020 Lessons – Here’s a grab-and-go list of curated census lessons for K-8. Some have free, accessible online tools from

Videos on Statistics

Bar Graphs

Video: Reading a Pictograph – Pictographs are a fun, easy introduction to graphs. This video shows how to use a pictograph to answer questions, like how students get to school.

Video: Answering Questions with Bar Charts – In this video example, bar charts are used to track the number of buffaloes, a form of data collection.

Video: Mayan Trading – Learn about distributions using bar graphs with examples from Mayan trading.
Also available in Spanish as “El comercio Maya”

Video: Why Did the Maya Hunt? – What’s an X axis? What’s a Y axis? Another example of using bar graphs, explaining Mayan hunting practices.
BONUS: Available in Spanish as “¿Por qué cazaban animales los Maya?”

Central Tendency Measures

Video: Finding the Average – What is the mean? Can you sing the formula for it? Neither can our president but that didn’t stop her from trying.
BONUS: Watch it in Spanish – extra bonus, no singing. Encontrando el Promedio.

Distribution and Variability

Video: Explaining Distributions and Variability – How can knowledge of distributions save you from angry, spear-wielding villagers? Watch this video from the AzTech series to find out.
BONUS : Available in Spanish.