History Terms

What does it mean to be the “masters” of something? What does the word “indigenous” mean?

Using a Time Line

If you’re a teacher, you probably know that time lines are actually a social studies standard, not math. However, that seems like splitting hairs to us. We’re all about teaching math in context and we know from experience that many students struggle with time lines that have dates before the year zero.

Solving time line problems with years Before the Common Era (B.C.E.) – This video explains the meaning of B.C.E. and how to use a time line to find the number of years between two dates when one of those dates is B.C.E.

This short video has an example of solving a time line problem when one of the dates is B.C.E. and the other is A.C.E.

Games Teaching History Terms and Concepts

The history resources come from our free game, AzTech: The Story Begins. Get it for your iPad or play on Chromebook, Mac or Windows on the web.

The time line lessons are from AzTech: Meet the Maya. Download on iPad or play on Chromebook, Mac or Windows on the web. Included with a school or classroom game pack, or you can buy individual downloads for $1.99.