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Common Questions

Video: General Overview

Your license gives you one year of access to all our games, teacher resources and curriculum, data reports, game design program, and new releases.

The games are designed for Grades 3-8 and are cross-curricular in math, history, ELA, and social studies, with bilingual features in both English and Spanish. The games are available for Chromebook, iPad, Windows, Mac, and Android devices. 

Get your activation code.

To access the review demos from 7 Generation Games, access the teacher review demo site. If the teacher activation code does not work, contact

If you’ve purchased a game license instead of playing a demo, you will get a “Thank You” screen. As soon as your order processes, you will get an email. This email will contain the link and instructions to download the game. You will usually get this email within an hour. If you do not receive this email within 12 hours, please let us know. We also recommend checking your spam folder for correspondence from us, just in case.

See the 7 Generation Games Catalog

When you get there, you can find games grouped by device, subject, grade level, and language. Click on a category to auto-scroll to that section, where you can click the game link to find out more.

View Student Data and Reports.

The Teacher Reports video overview is for teachers who need to access data and reports in the games. It’s for those with class or school game licenses.

  • Add/remove students’ usernames and passwords in Teacher Reports.
  • Look up individual student progress by username.
  • View the players’ progress in the game as their answers are tracked.
  • For most games, it records the quizzes and responses to answers.
  • See the standards for the game content.

Set up student usernames and passwords.

Players with their own licensed games can create these on their own. Teachers with large group licenses usually assign usernames/passwords to students.

You can tell students what username and password to use. If your students use a special username for other programs used at your school, they can use that as long as the username is not already in use with 7 Generation Games.

    • If you have a license (district, school or classroom), we can make a list of usernames and passwords for you. Contact us at Tell us how many students you need them for and we’ll send you a spreadsheet with usernames/passwords.

    • The usernames and passwords tracks players’ progress in the game and also, for most games, records the quizzes and responses to answers.

    • Teachers can look up individual student progress by username.

Google Classroom: The Basics

New to Google Classroom? We have just the resource to help you get started. Read (or watch our video) on Google Classroom basics.

Set up Making Camp Bilingual for ELL students.

Teaching English Language Learners? Great! Here is a downloadable PDF of bilingual instructions on registering and playing Making Camp Bilingual.

Downloading the Augmented Reality cards.

Links for each app are below. You can also get the links from the individual apps.

Counting by Two Languages Cards

Math: The Universal Language AR cards (multiplication in Spanish and English)

Math: The Universal Language Dakota cards (multiplication in Dakota and English)

Math: The Universal Language Lakota cards (multiplication in Lakota and English)

Download and install the Augmented Reality app from Google Play or the App store. 

Google Play:

AR Math: The Universal Language App

AR Math: The Universal Language Lakota App

App Store:

AR Math: The Universal Language App

AR Math: The Universal Language Lakota App

When you open the app using your device, on the third screen you’ll see a space where you can input your email. 

Type in your email and click the arrow next to the box. You’ll get a link to the cards in your email. 

You can download these and print them. (You can also use a second device, like a phone or tablet if you don’t have a printer.)

Note: We recommend you laminate printed cards, with particularly Counting by Two Languages and also the Math: The Universal Language apps if you intend to use these for teaching numbers in multiple languages to preschool or kindergarten children.