Ojibwe family eating fish

We have two sections for Native American games. One page is focused on the Dakota and Lakota, and the other focuses on the Ojibwe tribe. Find free video resources here for Native history and culture. 

7 Generation Games: Dakota / Lakota History and Culture

We offer three educational games that teach Dakota / Lakota history and culture: Spirit Lake: The Game, Making Camp Lakota and Math: The Universal Language Lakota. Click the link to view these games.

Videos on Dakota / Lakota History and Culture

These 7 Generation Games short movies support Dakota and Lakota supplements for your lessons. They range from beliefs in the afterlife to life skills, such as tracking, hunting and teaching children. Click the link to view this library of movie resources.

Ojibwe Tribal History and Culture

This sections features 7 Generation Games video games, lessons, and movies that teach about Ojibwe society, clans, and totems. Lesson plans cover the Ojibwe migration, trading, and the importance of various animals and objects.

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