Division and a bonus English/ Language Arts assignment

Congratulations, you’ve passed multiplication!

Go to the main choices page by clicking on the 4 boxes in the bottom left of the screen and click on the NUMBERS box. Click on the box with the numbers, in the middle of the bottom row.

Earn points doing division problems and collect all the magnets.

How did we get from a wigwam to a refrigerator?

This is Sam. He’s also Ojibwe but he’s not from a long time ago. He’s 16 years old. He lives in 2020 on a reservation in the northern United States. You’ve probably heard of it. He doesn’t live in a wigwam. He lives in a white house with a grey roof. That’s the refrigerator in his house. The magnets have been there ever since he was in second grade.

Read more about Sam below. For extra credit, write a story about Sam. What do you think happened to him in second grade? Why does everyone except for his cousin, Angie, think he’s not smart? Do you think he and Angie can really walk to Maine?

NOTE: Sam is a from the game, Forgotten Trail, which teaches fractions and basic statistics and also Ojibwe history.

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