Mathematics Resources

Our resources predominantly cover math standards taught in grades 3 to 8. You can enter a topic in the search box above or click on any of the links below to go directly to resources summarized by subtopic. Note: All videos and presentations are free. There is a charge for some games.


Click on the link above for games, videos and PowerPoint teaching multiplication.

Division – Games, Videos, Presentations & Lesson Plans

Statistics – Games, Videos, Presentations & Lesson Plans


We have so many resources for teaching fractions, we split them up among a few pages.

Games Teaching Fractions

  • Fish Lake – Adventure game in a virtual world that runs on Mac, Windows or iPad. Math focuses on fractions.
  • AzTech: The Story Begins – picks up where Fish Lake leaves off. Teaches fractions and basic statistics. Runs on the web and on iPad. (FREE)
  • Forgotten Trail – Adventure game that runs on the web on Mac, Windows or Chromebook computers

Videos and Presentations Teaching Fractions

Fractions videos – We have 17 videos on fractions topics from “What is a fraction?” to “Converting mixed form to fraction form”

Fraction PowerPoint and PDF – 23 presentations on fractions topics and examples. Also downloadable as PDFs.

Fractions lesson plans

We start with Introducing fractions, then equivalent fractions, followed by converting a fraction to equal 1. We are always adding to our resources for teaching fractions and the lesson plans will always be at the link above, so check back often.


Videos, games and slide presentations for teaching problem-solving strategies.

Statistics educational resources for elementary and middle school