Mathematics Resources

Our resources predominantly cover math standards taught in grades three through eight. You can enter a topic in the search box above or click on any of the links below to go directly to resources summarized by subtopic. Note: All videos and presentations are free. There is a charge for some games.


Click on the link above for games, videos and powerpoint teaching multiplication.

Division – Games, Videos, Presentations & Lesson Plans

Statistics – Games, Videos, Presentations & Lesson Plans


We had so many resources for teaching fractions, we split them up among a few pages.

Games Teaching Fractions

  • Fish Lake – Adventure game in a virtual world that runs on Mac, Windows or iPad. Math focuses on fractions.
  • AzTech: The Story Begins – picks up where Fish Lake leaves off. Teaches fractions and basic statistics. Runs on the web and on iPad. (FREE)
  • Forgotten Trail – Adventure game that runs on the web on Mac, Windows or Chromebook computers

Videos and Presentations Teaching Fractions

Fractions videos – 17 videos on topics from “What is a fraction?” to “Converting mixed form to fraction form”

Fraction Powerpoint and PDF – 23 presentations on fractions topics and examples. Also downloadable as PDFs.


Videos, games and slide presentations for teaching problem-solving strategies.

Statistics educational resources for elementary and middle school