Help for Teachers

  1. Are you new here? Want to know what your license includes or what is taught in each game? Watch the video below.
  2. Looking for games for a specific device, language or grade level? Want to know what games we have for Chromebooks, which games teach fractions or what games we have in Spanish and English? Go here to find a list of links for games by device, math in each game, bilingual games.
  3. Frequently asked questions – Need an activation code? Want to know what grade level is appropriate for each game?
  4. I heard you have data and reports. What’s that all about? Check out this video at the bottom of the page.
  5. Teaching English Language Learners? Great! Here are bilingual instructions on registering and playing “Making Camp Bilingual.”

You have 7 Generation Games. Now what?

What’s this I hear about data and reports?