1. What grade level are your games?

About 90% of our players are in third through eighth grade.

2. Does this game run on Mac/ Windows/ iPad/ Chromebook/ Android?

We have games that run on iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and Chromebook but as of now not all games run on all operating systems. By 2019, we will have all games running on iPad, Android, Windows and Mac. See details below.

iPad: We have 12 games for iPad – AzTech: The Story Begins, Aztech: Meet the Maya, Counting by Two Languages, Fish Lake Demo, Fish Lake Adventure, Making Camp Ojibwe, Making Camp Lakota, Making Camp Premium, Making Camp Premium Edu, Making Camp Bilingual, Math: The Universal Language AR, Math: The Universal Language Lakota. If you want details on all of these games, you can find it here.


Windows/ Mac: We have 8 games playable on Mac or Windows computers – Spirit Lake and Fish Lake are installed on your computer. AzTech: The Story Begins, Forgotten Trail, Making Camp Ojibwe, Making Camp Lakota, Making Camp Premium and Making Camp: Bilingual can all be played in a web browser.

3. Are your games only for use at schools?

Not at all. 60% of users play at school, including after-school programs, and 40% play at home. Anyone can download our free apps from the App Store, Google Play or buy games from our website, Amazon or the Microsoft Store. If you have a district, school or classroom license, your students and teachers are free to use the games at home as well as at school.

4. What math is taught in your games?

  • NUMBERS: Our only game for pre-school and kindergarten is Counting by Two Languages. It teaches numbers, written and spoken, in Spanish and English.
  • MULTIPLICATION: Math: The Universal Language AR and Math: The Universal Language Lakota teach multiplication in English, Spanish (AR) and Lakota.
  • MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION: Spirit Lake, Making Camp Ojibwe, Making Camp Premium and Making Camp: Bilingual
  • DIVISION: Making Camp Lakota teaches division.
  • FRACTIONS: Fish Lake teaches fractions. Fractions are also covered in Forgotten Trail and AzTech: The Story Begins
  • STATISTICS: Forgotten Trail, Aztech: The Story Begins and Aztech: Meet the Maya teach statistics.

5. I bought a computer game online. Where is it?

After purchasing the game, you will get a “Thank You” screen. As soon as your order processes, you will get an email, within an hour. This email will contain the link and instructions to download the game. If you do not receive this email within 12 hours, please let us know. We also recommend checking your spam folder.

6. I was playing Forgotten Trail and all of a sudden it asked me to login, then took me to a different spot in the game

Did you start the game from somewhere other than the login screen? For example, did you remember that the URL from last page you were on was called endlevel3.html and go straight to that page? Don’t do that.

When you login, your username is only remembered as long as you remain in the same game session. If you close the window and open another game session, the computer detects a new session and your previous session is canceled. The game detects this change and, since it doesn’t know your username, it will request for you to login again.

If you make up a new username you will be taken to the intro_movie1.html page because that is what is currently set as the default milestone. If you use a username that already exists it may take you to a different milestone but at any rate it will not return to the place that asked you to login.

It is important to login before every session because the game is not designed to work correctly when the username is not known. Once you have logged in, you can jump to the page you wanted to go to.

7. I was playing Forgotten Trail and it looks like the game crashed between levels.

The most likely problem is that your Internet speed slowed down and it is taking a long time to load. If you don’t close the game and wait a few minutes it is very likely that the next level will come up.


8 in augmented reality app in Spanish and English


Counting using Augmented Reality

8. How do I get the cards to use for your Augmented Reality apps?

Download the app from Google Play or the App store. When you open the app, on the third screen you’ll see a space where you can input your email. Type in your email and click the arrow next to the box. You’ll get a link to the cards in your email. You can download these and print them. (You can also use a second device, like a phone or tablet if you don’t have a printer.)

We strongly recommend for classroom use that you laminate the cards, if possible, particularly if you are using Counting by Two Languages or one of the Math: The Universal Language apps with preschool or kindergarten children. Small children tend to crumple things up.

9. How do I get usernames and passwords for my students?

  • Players with their own licensed games can create these on their own. Teachers with large group licenses usually assign usernames/passwords to students.

  • You can tell students what username and password to use. If your students use a special username for other programs used at your school, they can use that as long as the username is not already in use with 7 Generation Games.

  • If you have a license (district, school or classroom), we can make a list of usernames and passwords for you. Contact us at info@7generationgames.com. Tell us how many students you need them for and we’ll send you a spreadsheet with usernames/passwords.

  • The usernames and passwords tracks players’ progress in the game and also, for most games, records the quizzes and responses to answers.

  • Teachers can look up individual student progress by username.

Note: We do not keep any personally identifying information. (We won’t be able to confirm if “Fred Flintstone” is really “Joe Schmoe” at Jamestown Elementary.)

10. I need an activation code for Making Camp Premium Edu.

Your IT specialist or other administrator at your school should have a code. However, you can always email info@7generationgames.com from your school email, tell us the name of your school and we can email you a code.