I love staying up late grading papers – said no teacher, ever!

Get student progress reports in seconds

I’m serious. You can watch the video below and see how you can register as a teacher and then add all of your students’ usernames in a few minutes.

After that, any time you want to see how many answers a student answered correctly, how many times he or she used the software, for how many minutes – just log in and click on the student’s name.

Learn how to use our teacher reports in 2 minutes.

Student progress reports for parent-teacher meeting or IEP meetings

I am always impressed when the teacher knows my student as an individual because I know how much time grading takes. Also, I know how difficult it is to remember every student and know exactly where he or she is succeeding or having difficulty in a subject.

If you have a school or classroom license for our games, the progress report feature is available at no additional cost. If you need the link for the reports, ask your school administrator. Or, just email info@7generationgames.com from your school email and we’ll send it to you.

The example in the video is from Making Camp Premium. All the mathematics activities described in this multiplication lesson plan for Making Camp Ojibwe are in Making Camp Premium – and much more.

The more you know what each game teaches, the more informative those reports will be. An easy way to learn about what standards are taught in each game and how is by signing up for our educator’s newsletter. It’s a free, weekly highlight of educational resources, standards taught in games and more.

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