7 Generation Games

Explore facets of Ojibwe history and culture with our educational video games: Fish Lake, the Making Camp series, and Forgotten Trail.

Making Camp Premium

Our most popular game expanded! Customize your virtual wigwam inside and out. Earn points by solving math problems, learning about language arts and answering social studies questions in the village-building simulation game. Get it for iPad or Android. Play it on the web on Chromebook, Mac or Windows computers. Included in your school license. Individual licenses also available.

Making Camp Ojibwe – Free

This free game includes nine videos on Ojibwe clans, culture and social structure woven throughout the game. Cultural content is also included in clickable info boxes for each item in the wigwam. Get it for iPad or Android. Play it on the web on Chromebook, Mac or Windows computers.

Fish Lake 3-D Adventure Game

Fish Lake, is a 3-D game where players practice with fractions while learning math problem-solving strategies. They’ll also be introduced to Ojibwe history. Canoe through the rapids. Find enough food for your village’s survival. Recommended for grades 4 and up. Available for iPad, Mac or Windows computers. Included in your school license. Classroom license and individual licenses also available.

Fish Lake Demo – get one level free

Forgotten Trail

Forgotten Trail follows two teenagers who apply their knowledge of fractions, decimals, measurement and statistics to retrace the Ojibwe migration through the U.S. and Canada. We fit in the cultural part through stories and flashbacks. Recommended Grades 5-7. Included in your school license. Forgotten Trail runs on Mac, Windows or Chromebook, plays in any browser. No download required.

Videos About Ojibwe People

Ojibwe Clans and Social Structure – Ojibwe tribes were made up of different clans. The videos below introduce the usage of clans in organizing society, the concept of a totem and then provide a brief description of each clan.

Ojibwe Clan Lessons– This lesson on Ojibwe History and Culture are integrated with Making Camp, a multiplication and division game.

Video: Red River Cart – This video is in Forgotten Trail and Making Camp. Many thanks to Dr. Carol Davis and Debbie Gourneau, both of Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa (Ojibwe) tribe.

Lessons About Ojibwe Culture

Lesson: Ojibwe Culture – This lesson is just a final review of multiplication before heading on to division. Our last lesson was all Ojibwe history. For a little variety we combined social studies and math today.

Lesson: Multiplication and Red River Carts – This lesson is a class review of multiplication using the game Making Camp with a brief activity to earn points in the game for building a wigwam.

Lesson: Ojibwe Clans – Ojibwe History and Culture Integrated with Multiplication and Division Game.

Lesson Plan: Ojibwe History for Second Grade – Use the Making Camp Ojibwe or Making Camp Premium game to teach Ojibwe history. This lesson plan includes videos, activities and differentiated instruction. You can use this lesson plan if you have a computer and projector, smartboard, iPad or Android tablet.