Our Grade 3-5 multiplication resources include our multiplication games, lesson plans, editable PowerPoints, flashcards, and movies.

7 Generation Games Teaching Multiplication

Making Camp Ojibwe – Players practice multiplication and division while learning math problem-solving strategies. They’ll also be introduced to Native American history. Earn points by solving math problems and answering social studies questions.

Spirit Lake – Players learn how to solve multiplication, division and geometry through word problems set in the context of a stories based on the history and culture of the Dakota people. Runs on Mac and Windows computers.

Making Camp Bilingual – This game is bilingual in Spanish or English and has the same content as Making Camp Ojibwe.

Making Camp Premium includes more videos and activities, along with a Words section that teaches English Language Arts. Runs on Android, Chromebook, iPad, Mac or Windows computers.

Multiplication Lesson Plans

Find the Perimeter – This lesson combines two videos, Making Camp Premium, and an activity, with emphasis on the active, as students measure and compute the perimeter of household objects.

Multiplication of 2-digit and 3-digit numbers: Involves estimation, problem-solving and rounding. This lesson incorporates two helpful videos with great math examples from Spirit Lake: The Game. (You don’t need the game.)

Multiplying by n – Visit this page to download these Grade 3 lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations in PDF and PPT format.

Making Camp Premium Lessons

This set of Grade 3-5 lessons requires access to Making Camp Premium.

5-Minute Lessons from Making Camp: 7 Generation Games Making Camp blends Ojibwe history with math. Requires the game, Making Camp.

Trade for a Wigwam: Making Camp Premium has a gamification element to practicing and learning math. Requires access to this game.

Making Camp: Ojibwe Hunting and Multiplication – Let’s continue learning with Making Camp Premium with two more math games.

Multiplication Flashcards

Multiplication Terms – This lesson is for Grades 3-5 and covers basic multiplication properties and math terms. This lesson includes downloadable PDFs of flashcards.

Multiplication Videos

Build a Model – That’s one way to solve a multiplication problem, whether filling carts with buffalo robes or boxes with books. This video emphasizes the relationship between multiplication and division.

Long Multiplication – Multiplying two-digit numbers? Multiplying three-digit numbers? Long multiplication starts with multiplying two numbers. Examples are enclosed in the video.


Long Multiplication – multiplication of 2-digit and   3-digit numbers – Make it easier to multiply large numbers by breaking it down into two or three easier problems. Can you multiply 10 by 300? You’re halfway there!

Perimeter and Polygons – Calculate perimeter of a quadrilateral using multiplication.