CCSS Standard:
Find whole-number quotients and remainders with up to four-digit dividends and one-digit divisors, using strategies based on place value, the properties of operations, and/or the relationship between multiplication and division. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models.

Lesson time

30 minutes 


This lesson plan introduces the concepts and vocabulary of division and provides students the opportunities to practice both recognition and recall of division facts. Math literacy activities are recommended to help students remember and understand math terms. Students can play the Making Camp Premium game, with division with one-digit divisors or Making Camp Lakota which includes one- and two-digit divisors.

Technology required

The games, Making Camp Premium and Making Camp Lakota can be played on any web browser – Chrome, Firefox, Bing, etc or downloaded on iOS or Android devices. The Making Camp Premium game can be played with or without an Internet connection. Internet is required to log in to the Making Camp Lakota game with username and password. Both games are available at no extra charge to schools with a 7 Generation Games site license or who are part of the Growing Math Project.

Lesson Plan

1. Introductory mini-lecture

5-7 minutes

  1. Explain why division is important. When we want to share something, whether it is the hours spent doing chores or a birthday cake, we divide it.
  2. Tell students they will be taking notes on the videos, writing down key words that appear in the video (e.g. quotient, dividend) and their definitions for review at the end of the session. (Math literacy helps with identifying math terms; textbooks will start to make sense.)

2. Watch Videos

7 minutes

Division Terms

What’s division? How do we use division every day? 3:31 minutes

The Division terms video is included in Making Camp Lakota, a game teaching division and Lakota history. It is also in the Making Camp Premium game. Before starting the video remind students to be ready to take notes.

Division (Multiplication in Reverse)

Why is learning multiplication important for learning division? 2:41 Minutes

3. Game Play

15 minutes

Play Making Camp Premium for multiplication and division.

Making Camp Premium can be played online on any computer (Windows, Mac, Chrome), or you can download it for your phone or tablet (iOS and Android). This game is part of the 7 Generation Games school license and also available as part of the Growing Math project.

The division magnets game practices division of one-digit numbers into two digit numbers, like 35 Ă· 5.

There are also games for multiplication and a lot of videos and games on history and English/ language arts. Making Camp Premium also teaches about Ojibwe history and culture.

For more division, play Making Camp Lakota.

In mathematics content, Making Camp Lakota focuses only on division, combined with, of course, Lakota history and culture. With development funded by the Thunder Valley Community Development Corp. this game is free to play on the web or downloadable for iPad or Android tablets.


This lesson plan includes two types of assessment.

  1. You can view your students’ progress on mastering these standards by viewing your Making Camp Premium Teacher Reports. See an example below.
Student data by standard from Making Camp Premium
Sample Student Report

2. To assess student understanding of math vocabulary, review their notes written while viewing the division terms video.

Related Content

We have a YouTube division playlist! The videos above are part of a five-video series clues students in on everything from dividends to long division with remainders. (And they are short, ranging from one and a half to three and a half minutes each.) These videos can be played on any device in class or at home.

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