Converting a fraction to equal 1

To follow up our lesson plans on introducing fractions and teaching equivalent fractions, we want to talk about converting fractions to a whole number.

The simplest case to start converting to whole numbers is converting a fraction to equal 1

3/3 is an example of converting a fraction to equal 1

This presentation gives several examples of when a fraction = 1, using eighths, thirds and quarters. Examples include riding your horse to make one whole journey or eating one whole pot of stew. We know from experience that students benefit from examples in multiple contexts. Want it as a PDF? Get it here.

We also know that students may learn in different ways, which is why we made a video of this presentation as well. Want to link to it on your class website so students can review? Help yourself!

Converting a fraction to equal 1, in Video

End your class with style learning fractions by playing Fish Lake

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In Fish Lake, players practice with Fractions while learning math problem-solving strategies.

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Recommended for 4-6 grade
Math Standards alignment 5-6 grade
Math topics Fractions
Culture Ojibwe
Available for Mac, MAC OS X, Win 7 Win 8, Win 10



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