Statistics in Schools with ELL

Getting everyone counted is important! But why?

The US Census Bureau offers Statistics in Schools (SIS) resources for ELL teachers and ELL students. All ELL lessons are aligned with Common Core State Standards, verified by teachers, and feature Bloom’s Taxonomy info.

The US Census Bureau offers K-12 teacher resources for Statistics education!

Grab-and-Go SIS Lessons for ELL

Here’s a grab-and-go list of curated census lessons for ELL. Some even feature free, accessible online tools for perusal directly from the site! Read and response with tables of data for analysis. Also, see Quick Tips for ELL Educators from

Grade K-1 – Diversity: Languages at Home
Grade 2 – Let’s Get the Count Right
Grade 3 – Population Change Over Time
Grade 4 – Diversity: Differences in Communities
Grade 5 – City Planning with Census Data
Grade 6 – Diversity: Languages Spoken in the US
Grade 7 – Census Questions Over Time
Grade 8 – Make Data Speak

Fun video about the US Census Challenge for students.

Statistics Links

Census 2020 – Statistics Lessons

Homepage for Statistics in Schools

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