We can give you a 25-hour day. Every teacher who has ever been grading papers at 11:00 PM in their PJs has wished for 25 hours in a day. We give you more time—more time to meet each student’s needs, more grading time, more preparation time for meetings with parents. How? By doing some of your lesson planning and grading for you.

Seven Ways We Help Teachers

1. Learning resources

We have you covered. We provide free lesson videos and presentations on math, ELA, and social studies. Educational resources include editable PPTX and DOCX versions and even clip art. We also have standards-aligned pre- and post-tests, curated links to additional resources across the web and more. All resources are free and aligned with the content taught in our games. Download these to teach multiplication, div ision, fractions or statistics, whether your students utilize our games or not. (Why wouldn’t you use our games? They’re awesome! Some are even free!)

2. Automated scoring and assessment

Our learning games give students frequent and immediate feedback and log their scores as data for assessment, which you can analyze and track. We have pre- and post-tests your students can take both as practice for online standardized tests and to track their own progress. You can check online results for individual students or your whole class.

3. Performance data analysis

Pull up any student’s performance record within the learning games. See whether they answered problems correctly or not. You can even check to see if they have read the hints we’ve provided for scaffolding and the answers they chose. This feature is available to you if you or your administrators have purchased a classroom or school license.

4. Individualized instruction

All of our games accommodate to student choices. Incorrect answers lead to instruction and scaffolding, not just more questions. For differentiated scaffolding, students have a choice of watching a video, read a web page or completing an activity to learn more.

5. Motivating students

With story lines by an award-winning author, high-resolution graphics and engaging game play, your students will ask you if they can stay in class and play. (Really! We’ve seen it!)

6. Standards-aligned. 

Each problem, each activity is aligned with Common Core State Standards Need to cover teaching, “A fraction is a/b when a whole is divided into b equal parts?” Watch this video on how Native American children kept time by the sun or just check out our pages of links to everything from games to slides to teach fractions, starting here. Each resource page has standards identified.

7. 10-minute lessons

Ever had just a little too much time left at the end of a lesson? Having a tough week with a certain subject or group? Need a quick review for your class? We have you covered.

Do you love Teachers Pay Teachers? We do, too. You can find a lot of our free resources there.