Tate Topa Tribal School

See what teachers had to say about our games! They’ve each used the games in classroom instruction with their students.

"My experience is that the students had the opportunity to learn about the culture and their history and practice math skills."
Mena de la Paz
Tate Topa Teacher
"It's easy for them to use. I enjoy using them too. I think it's really beneficial to them."
Joy Wentz
Tate Topa Teacher
"Really engaging for the kids to be hands-on."
Tate Topa Teacher
"They love the culture aspect. The math aspect is good for them."
Natalie M.

Los Angeles Unified School District

"With [7 Generation Games] you have Native peoples who kept their traditions with an oral tradition, in which they have an elder who'd give a speech about, let's say a poisonous rattlesnake, in which you have this connection to nature, geography of the region, and how it connects to the lives of the people who live there."
José Gonzales