15 of our Standards-aligned YouTube learning videos were made for Fish Lake, hence why we have a ton of fractions content. (More on the way!) Students can play Fish Lake on Mac, Windows or iPad. Also, check out the 7 Generation Games YouTube channel. We’ve made many videos available for your perusal.

The last two videos are from our game, AzTech: The Story Begins, which picks up in math content where Fish Lake left off by incorporating Statistics alongside fractions practice.

Identify fractions: What is it?

  • What’s a numerator? What’s a denominator? – Parts of a fraction explained with a pile of fish.
  • Understanding Fractions – Models how kids apply fractions to track the passage of time.
  • What Is Half? – Models the fraction one-half (1/2) using several examples from real-world travel to color-coded shapes.
  • Is One Half fair? – How many times have you heard kids insist something wasn’t fair? This video uses fractions and the concept of one-half to model fair share of work, or receiving their fair share of blankets.

Equivalent Fractions

Introducing equivalent fractions

  • Meeting in the Middle This extends the concept of one-half and introduces equivalent fractions, with examples from traveling between two camps.
  • When is a fraction the same as 1? This video expands on the idea of equivalent fractions with practical examples and then introduces the concept of equivalence regardless of the size of the numbers or what is being divided into fractions.

Converting to equivalent fractions

  • Fractions and Fishing – Apply fraction comparison and conversion to fishing trips. Compare the fraction of fish caught over two separate fishing trips.
  • How to Compare Fractions with Unlike Denominators Compare fractions with unlike denominators by changing one or more fractions, without the usage of visual aids and drawings. (e.g. Change the denominator so the fractions are like terms. Compare. Presto! The fraction with the larger numerator value is bigger.)

Like Fractions

Compare Like Fractions

Addition of Like Fractions

Mixed Fractions: Identify and explain

  • Explaining Mixed Fractions – What exactly is a mixed fraction? What do we mean by changing from mixed form to fraction form? Sometimes, it’s helpful to have it explained to you step by step.
  • Mixed Form to Fraction Form: Examples – Convert mixed fractions to fraction form, with a lot of examples: number line, shapes, and by eating the fish!

Fractions on a Number Line

  • Number lines and Finding Your Way – Number line review and an introduction, using fractions. If you’ve ever wondered how fractions on number lines could be useful, this video is for you.
  • Using a Number line in Fraction Problems How do you know where you’re going? If you were going somewhere, you might type the name of the place or address into the computer to get a map. You might call someone. What if we didn’t have GPS? Find out how travelers could use a real-life number line and fractions to find their way from one spot to another.

Fractions and Decimals

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Chart a journey using fractions.