Standards taught

CCSS.Math.Content.3OA.A.4: Determine the unknown whole number in a multiplication or division equation relating three whole numbers. 

NCSS The study of people, places, and environments enables us to understand the relationship between human populations and the physical world. 

Math Activity: Learn about Ojibwe subsistence hunting and practice multiplication

We’re going to assume you already did Lesson 1 and learned how to play Making Camp, and probably also did Lesson 2 on trading for a wigwam. Let’s continue learning with Making Camp with two more math games.

  • Watch the one-minute YouTube video on rabbit stew. (Teachers, you may pose Q&A for students.): Why rabbit stew is important
  • Open the Making Camp app game on your phone or tablet.
  • If you are using a desktop PC, click the link to play: Making Camp

Now let’s play two multiplication games. Click on the green Numbers box.

Note: Clicking on the green icon with the white boxes in the bottom left corner will always take you back to the Making Camp choices screen.

Click on the Numbers box to access six math challenges.

Once inside the Numbers challenge, we will focus on the rabbit tic-tac-toe game and the buffalo matching game.

  • Click on the box with the rabbit to play a tic-tac-toe game. Each correct multiplication problem snares a rabbit. Incorrect problems leave an empty snare.  
  • When you win this game, a green arrow will pop up to return you to the numbers page. If you lose, you may click the green Try Again button.
  • For the next math challenge, return to the six challenges screen. Click on the buffalo box to match multiplication problems with correct answers. Earn up to four points.
  • With four extra points, return to your wigwam. If you have not already traded for these, you can select the fish, deer hide or parfleche to learn more about what Ojibwe people ate. Click on each of these items in your wigwam to learn more about it.

Next Up: Ojibwe Culture Lesson

Our next lesson focuses on social studies, but don’t worry, we’ll be back with more math practice!

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