Educational resources include customizable PPT files and PDFs, videos, clip art, standards-aligned pre- and post-tests, curated links to additional resources across the web and more. All resources are free to use and aligned with the concepts taught in our games. You can download these to teach multiplication, division, fractions or statistics whether you use our games or not. Why wouldn’t you use our games? They’re awesome, and some are even free!


AzTech Game Series

Clip Art

AzTech Lessons

Introducing Distributions – How can a confusion in the distribution of different trading items lead to angry villagers throwing a spear at you? Here is an example of distributions from AzTech: Meet the Maya.
PDF PowerPoint: Download
PPTX in SPANISH: Introducción a las distribuciones
PDF in SPANISH: Introducción a las distribuciones

Understanding Bar Graphs – How do you read a bar graph? An example using a problem from the game, AzTech: Meet the Maya. Don’t have PowerPoint? Download PDF

Explaining Distributions and Variability – How can knowledge of distributions save you from angry, spear-wielding villagers? Watch this video from the AzTech series to find out. BONUS: Available in Spanish.

Why Did the Maya Hunt? – What’s an X axis? What’s a Y axis? Another example of using bar graphs, explaining Mayan hunting practices.
BONUS: Watch it in Spanish ¿Por qué cazaban animales los Maya?

Mayan Trading – Learning about distributions using bar graphs with examples from Mayan trading.
BONUS : Watch it in Spanish – El comercio Maya

Fish Lake Game Resources

Fish Lake is a game about fractions, so any associated lessons and videos will focus on fractions.

Clip Art

Fish Lake Lessons

Fish Lake Clip Art – In developing our games, so little Native American-related clip art existed that we had to create our own. Now, we want to share it with you.

Video: Understanding Fractions – Short video introduces basic fractions concepts. 

What is Half? – This short video explains that one-half is two equal parts, with examples of one-half as a distance between two points or as a shape divided into two parts.

Video: Mixed Form to Fraction Form – Learn how to convert mixed fractions to fraction form with step-by-step examples that include a number line and pie diagram.

Forgotten Trail Game Resources

Making Camp Game Resources

Clip Art

Making Camp Lessons


Build a Model – Includes lesson plan PDF and PPT downloads with videos to teach students how to visualize a math problem. Bilingual, with English and Spanish language versions.

Multiplication Flashcards

Spirit Lake Game Resources

Clip Art

Spirit Lake Lessons