Our language arts resources cover standards taught in Grades 3 to 8. Explore resources for reading, writing and ESL here. Search by category or use the search box below. Note: All our presentations and videos are free. There is a charge for some of our games.

7 Generation Games for ELA, ELL and ESL

AzTech: The Story Begins 

  • Applied fractions and introductory statistics 
  • Historical Mesoamerican setting. 
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • System Requirements: Mac OS, PC, iOS. 

AzTech: Meet the Maya

  • Apply math and literacy skills in a cross-curricular adventure
  • Historical Mesoamerican setting
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • System Requirements: PC, Mac OS, iOS

Making Camp Premium 

  • Parts of Speech challenges in the new English Language Arts section
  • Cross-curricular gameplay focuses on math and literacy
  • Player earns points to furnish a historical Ojibwe wigwam
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • System Requirements: PC, Mac OS, iOS

Lessons and Units

Each lesson comes with PowerPoint slides in PDF and PPTX format. The assignments are in DOCX and PDF format.

  • Reading: “Indian Boyhood” – Students read and analyze a letter and answer a short, multiple choice quiz for assessment in this 10-minute lesson plan.
  • Writing: Letter to Grandma – Students will read, analyze and edit a letter (minor errors and organization). Features a linked and downloadable audio file of the finished letter for students to listen to.
  • Reading: “The Fireball Wand” – Students read a story (350+ words) and complete a multiple-choice quiz.
  • Vocab in the Attic – Students will analyze five dictionary entries and answer four vocabulary-based questions as part of this 10-minute lesson.
  • Reading: Venn Diagram – This 10-minute lesson is good for an introduction to compare and contrast.
  • Reading: Author’s Purpose – Grandma broaches the topic of author’s purpose. Identify the purpose of each form of publication in a graphic organizer.
  • Poetry: “Friends” – Students read a poem by Abbie Farwell Brown, Friends. Poem and quiz enclosed.
  • Writing an Opinion Letter – Students write an opinion letter to Grandmother. Letter template and teacher rubric enclosed.

Census 2020 – ELL Lessons – Curated Statistics in Schools lessons offered by the US Census Bureau.

7 Generation Games YouTube Channel

  • Antonyms – Words with opposite meanings.
  • Homonyms – Words that are spelled the same or sound alike, but have different meanings.
  • Homophones – Words that sound alike, but are spelled differently.
  • Idioms – Let’s go bananas with idioms!
  • Parts of Speech – Nouns, Proper Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions
  • Synonyms – Words that are different, but have the same meanings.


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