Understand a fraction as a number on the number line; represent fractions on a number line diagram.

Recognize and generate simple equivalent fractions, e.g., 1/2 = 2/4, 4/6 = 2/3. Explain why the fractions are equivalent, e.g., by using a visual fraction model.

Lesson Time

30 minutes 

Technology Required

Device with web-browser–Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer, iPhone or iPad


Equivalent fractions are different fractions that name the same number. The numerator and the denominator of a fraction must be multiplied by the same non-zero whole number in order to have equivalent fractions. The presentations and videos below provide multiple explanations and examples.

Lesson Plan

This PDF is about learning to identify equivalent fractions on a number line called Number Lines, Fractions and Knowing How Far because it starts with the basics. That is, it shows a number line with whole numbers, then a number line counting by 5’s , then a number line with fractions. When teaching math, I think I could easily get students to generalize from counting by fives to counting by fourths. This PowerPoint presentation gives multiple ways to look at fractions on a number line to see how far you have canoed and whose turn it is to get out and run. Download the PPT version.

Related lesson plans

If your students still have questions after this example, you may want to review the PowerPoint presentation on that page titled “What are Fractions?” Check out more lessons on Introducing Fractions

Number Line and Equivalent Fractions I’ve found that the more concrete examples you can give students, the better they understand a concept. Each example seems to make it a little clearer. The video below covers similar concepts and examples but in a slightly different way.

Download equivalent fractions and fishing PPT here – How do you compare fractions with different denominators? Using a problem from Fish Lake, give multiple examples of reducing a fraction to an equivalent fraction so that two fractions can be easily compared. If you want it on PDF you can get it here.

Because you can never have too many examples, here is another using equivalent fractions to compare fractions example as a PPT and this one also includes using fractions on a number line. If you’d rather have a PDF, get it here.

Video: Fractions on a Number Line...

Review video

Here is one last example for you, comparing the amount of stew eaten by two different families. Is one family really greedy? Use this PPT to answer the question. In the video, Anookwesens explains the answer to her little sister, Willow, with examples with stew and shapes. Need a PDF? Here you go! This example is also from the Fish Lake game. Here is the corresponding video.


3. Play Fish Lake

Have your students practice fractions in Fish Lake. Download the game onto the computer first.
Learn about equivalent fraction by playing Fish Lake



   Fish Lake game, teaching equivalent fractions, is available on the app store


View student progress within your teacher reports for Fish Lake.

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