Do you feel as if you’ve been home with your child for 50 days, not five? Should the number 50 be multiplied by the number of children you have at home? Yes, yes it should.

If you’ve decided that summer came early and your children are going to spend the next however long this quarantine lasts watching stupid YouTube videos where celebrities eat live worms and stuff pickles up their nose, well, we won’t judge you. 

However, if you’d like some education to happen in there, check out this division play list, with animated videos that explain everything from what is a dividend to long division with remainders. All the videos are from one and a half to around three and a half minutes.

 The videos are in order of difficulty

Start with this video on division terms.

Next up is a video explaining that division is multiplication in reverse.

After watching these videos, you can play Making Camp Premium , which you can get for free here.

It can be played online on any computer, or you can download it for your phone or tablet.

The division magnets game practices division of one-digit numbers into two digit numbers, like 35 ÷ 5, the same as just shown in the video.

There are also games for multiplication and a lot of videos and games on history and English/ language arts.

That’s good for today. Come back tomorrow for more on division.

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