This is a good history resource for learning about the Native American spiritual practice of using tobacco. Dr. Erich Longie from Spirit Lake Nation, the first tribal member to earn a doctorate, provided this piece of knowledge intended for educational purposes only. Please adhere to your school district policies regarding these cultural practices surrounding tobacco usage.

Teacher Resources

We don’t expect anyone to access the following sites at school per tobacco legislation in US schools, but they are helpful for educators who want to learn more on their own so they know how to approach this topic, if in case it ever came up, as it sometimes can in historical books and novels.

  • Awareness for Educators only: Reclaiming Sacred Tobacco is an award-winning documentary video on PBS regarding Native American tobacco usage and the history and politics surrounding it.
  • Awareness for Educators only: This is a campaign by Keep It Sacred in the US to keep indigenous tobacco traditions alive while reducing widespread commercial usage. 

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