Do you remembering first learning addition and subtraction? Did the teacher just give you numbers and sit you at a desk? If they did, I am so sorry. Most teachers first teach with a fancy tool we like to call visualizing. Did you ever use little bears to count, coins, or any small items to help you add and subtract?

Visualization – here’s why it’s great!

Most people are visual learners, like myself. Seeing something taught vs just hearing things helps a lot! Thus, a great need need for presentations like PowerPoint, posters, and anything visual. Why do you think teachers have boards when they teach? Visual representation helps us learn. When we see something and hear it, we’re using two of our senses. When both listening and seeing we’re more likely to retain information.

Are you more of gamer?

We have that covered for you as well! In our game Making Camp ( which is FREE) we have lots of activities where you watch a video to refresh those webs in your brain and answer questions. Earn points by answering correctly and trade those points for items to decorate your wigwam. People of all kinds love it- especially me!

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