Social Studies

Key terms and concepts

What do we mean by “masters of” ? What does the word “indigenous mean? How do you use a timeline with dates before the year zero? Click the link above for videos.

Latin American history and culture

We have games and videos that teach early Latin American history, from the Maya to Aztecs. All resources are available in English and Spanish.

Native American History

Native Americans by the Numbers – Before Christopher Columbus – This video gives an introduction to the number and diversity of Native American tribes before European contact.

Dakota/Lakota History and Culture Videos

13 videos on aspects of Dakota/Lakota history range from Dakota beliefs in the afterlife to life skills such as tracking, hunting and teaching children.

Games teaching Dakota/ Lakota History and Culture

All 7 Generation Games teach mathematics as well as history and culture. Three games teaching Dakota/ Lakota history and culture include Spirit Lake: The Game , Making Camp Lakota and Math: The Universal Language Lakota.

Ojibwe History Games

Ojibwe History Educational Resources

Videos teach social structure, totems, about Ojibwe clans and way of life. Lesson plans cover the Ojibwe migration, trading, importance of various animals and objects to the Ojibwe.