Afterschool Programs

7 Generation Games has been working with after-school programs since we started beta testing. We recognize the tremendous effort that goes into after-school care and the importance of afterschool programs for both parents and students.

One of the most recurring things we hear from after-school program staff is that they struggle to find activities that kids want to do after a long day at school, but that are also educational. Our games certainly meet that need. Kids get to play video games, but they are also learning math.

At 7 Generation Games, we’ve strived to create games that can be used in various ways - from following a structured program that utilizes the pre-test/post-test/teacher resources to using the games as fun learning activity whenever it fits into the schedule. We find most after-school programs tend to use the games as a flexible activity, and that’s completely fine. There’s no wrong way to use our games.

Most of the afterschool programs that use our games use them as a free-time or computer-time activity. This means that the programs usually have a few software applications or games that kids can choose from, and our games are on that list. It is a less structured, but still educational way to use our games. It’s a great way for kids to get additional math practice and instruction.


Additionally, many afterschool programs find our games fit into many of the clubs they offer as part of their activities. Some of the clubs that our games are most frequent used during are computer club, STEM club, gaming club and math club, to name a few. We’ve also worked with a number of programs to run mini-game design workshops for students to supplement the games. We’ll have a mini-workshop lesson plan up as a teacher resource soon, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in that element, please contact

Supplements Classroom Learning

Unlike the typical classroom which consists of a single grade, most afterschool programs have students from grades within the entire school -- whether it’s K-5 or K-8 or even K-12 (or somewhere in between). With our games covering a range of grade levels, afterschool programs like that we have games that can be played by kids in several grades. And our games are great for remediation -- in fact, a number of the afterschool programs that we are in work with middle school kids who play our Spirit Lake and Fish Lake and high school kids who play all of our games. One of the first afterschool sites we worked with primarily had high school students attending. When we mentioned to the staff that our games cover late elementary and middle school standards, the program leader’s response was, “I know. But many of our kids are a couple of years behind in math, and they will actually play your games.”

Providing Measurable Data for Grants or Other Needs

We know that after-school staff are also often asked by teachers what kind of educational activities the program is providing. And we know that program staff often aren’t teachers, so they may not be well-versed the ins and outs of Common Core. When using 7 Generation Games, an after-school program can assure teachers that the program is using educational resources that teach and review standards-aligned math. If teachers want to know more about which standards our games address, we have it documented and itemized -- you can simply provide them the link to the Common Core standards breakdown If they want more information on the games, you can feel free to direct them to our site.